The Annunciation

Herman de Jong (1932-2004) 1970

1. When Joseph and Mary in Galilee lived,
the angel to young Mary spoke,
You're blessed, young woman, a son shall you bear,
and He shall lift Israel's yoke.

For nothing is impossible to God,
for nothing is impossible to God.

2. "But how can that be since a virgin I am?"
"God's shadow will cover you child!
Your son will be holy and called Son of God,
Redeemer of sinners defiled." Chorus

3. Then Mary looked up and her eyes were so bright.
A myst'ry surrounded the place.
So softly she whispered, "Your handmaid am I,"
and slowly she covered her face. Chorus

The Annunciation

Author, Composer:
Herman de Jong (1932-2004)
From a small book of self published 'Bible Songs'
Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No derivatives

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