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This website and the domain names 'worshipanew.net' and 'worshipanew.com', are held in trust by Henry J. de Jong. Henry lives in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He can be reached by anyone who knows his email address or phone number, or by commenting on any of the pages where Simple Comments are active. Comments are not automatically published and can be used to initiate private correspondence.

The goal of this website is to encourage the sharing of local and personal expressions of worship by Christians from many denominations and places. Through this we can

  • celebrate the diversity of worship and the worth of the God who inspires it,
  • acknowledge and encourage the creative efforts of worshipping people,
  • facilitate the creativity of those looking for inspiration, ideas and resources in their desire to worship.

WorshipaNew.net is an eclectic collection of Christian worship expressions. It is open to submissions from Christians of all persuasions and from all places.

Contact: You can initiate contact with the editor, Henry de Jong, by submitting a message through the Comments form at the bottom of this page, or other pages.

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