How to make a dream bathroom? Repair tips

Modern sewage pumps: benefits for designers, installers and consumers

Long gone are the days when the bathroom was perceived only as a technical room. Today, the bathroom is the place where design refinements are combined with technical innovations that provide the convenience of operating plumbing for the user. But the traditional sewage system imposes a number of restrictions on the arrangement, location and functionality […]

Electric storage water heaters: a smart solution to the annual problem

The problems of the planned shutdown of hot water in apartments and its absence in country houses are familiar to everyone. It is uncomfortable, time-consuming, make you nervous and can even lead to unpleasant health consequences. Innovative solutions to the urgent problem are offered by the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment: Electrolux, Ballu, Zanussi. A […]

Electric storage water heaters: a smart solution to the annual problem Part 2

Storage water heaters Zanussi Splendore XP 2.0 series Universal storage Zanussi series water heaters Splendore XP 2.0 also has a remote control function through the Easy Comfort mobile app for digital devices on the iOS and Android platforms. If you want to use this function, then the special Zanussi Wi-Fi module should be purchased separately […]

Tile Adhesives

Experienced craftsmen, knowing the footage of the room, looking at the base and at the tile chosen by the customer, can determine up to a kilogram how much mixture is needed. Nevertheless, the issue of the consumption of tile adhesive per 1 m2 is still one of the most common. The answer to it is […]