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Boilers with integrated boiler – when size matters

In this article, we will try to describe in detail the representatives of a rather peculiar class of boiler equipment – wall-mounted boilers with a built-in boiler. Peculiar here is why:

  • The size of the integrated boiler rarely exceeds 60 liters. A subclass of such boilers can be called wall-mounted boilers, which are designed to install a boiler directly under them. This installation looks like a refrigerator.
  • The power of wall-mounted boilers with a boiler inside does not exceed 35 kW.

This means that the niche for using such equipment is not the largest, and more on that later.

Where does it make sense to install wall-mounted boilers with a built-in boiler?

First, we outline the appearance of this equipment. This is a wall-mounted boiler with a 40-60 liter boiler (maximum 80 – but this is already an option for a boiler installed under the boiler). The boiler power does not exceed 35 kW.

The following options for installing such equipment follow from the described:

Apartment heating.

In those cases when the boiler is installed in the kitchen of the apartment, the main requirements for it are relatively modest dimensions. A boiler with a built-in boiler will definitely take up a little more space than a traditional “wall” with a secondary heat exchanger. BUT! Anyone who at least once in his life used a boiler with a secondary heat exchanger and replaced it with a boiler will never come back. The fact is that a boiler with a built-in boiler does not have such “sores” (characteristic of a secondary heat exchanger) as:

  • temperature difference when the pressure in the hot water tap changes;
  • the need to clean the secondary plate heat exchanger (approximately once every 1-2 years – depending on the hardness of the water);
  • inaccuracy in maintaining the set temperature (it is often caused by pressure instability). For a boiler with a boiler, this “ailment” is not typical.

Small private houses (up to 150 m2) + Townhouses (small).

A boiler with a built-in boiler of 60 liters will be enough if there is 1 bathroom in such a house, and the number of residents is 2-3 people. If the house is small, then the size of the budget for the organization of the boiler room can be modest. When using a boiler with a built-in boiler and its power up to 35 kW, such equipment can be easily located in the kitchen, without organizing a separate furnace room.

Everything is now clear with the niche of objects for such equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the boiler device.

Boiler devise with integrated boiler

At its core, a boiler with a built-in boiler is a traditional wall-mounted single-circuit boiler, the body of which was enlarged to install a boiler. That is, by and large, the layout of the hydraulic components of such a boiler does not differ from conventional single-circuit models. Most often, this is a copper heat exchanger (in the condensation version stainless steel or silumin can act as a heat exchanger material), a three-way valve and hydraulic units on the “supply” and “return”. A detailed diagram of the example of the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W boiler is presented below.

  1. the stainless steel heat exchanger (Videosn 111-W is a condensing boiler, therefore the heat exchanger is made of stainless steel. In conventional boilers, copper is usually used as a heat exchanger)
  2. hot water boiler. It can be made of stainless steel (Vitodens 111-W) or ordinary carbon enameled.
  3. modulating burner.
  4. modulating fan
  5. expansion tank
  6. built-in pump
  7. digital controller with touch screen

This arrangement is typical for most boilers with a built-in boiler. The differences are the types of burners and heat exchangers (traditional/condensing), the presence or absence of an expansion tank of the built-in boiler and its capacity (40-60 liters) and automation.

Boilers with a fake boiler differ slightly in layout. In such models, the following layout is used: in the upper part there is a single-circuit boiler (conventional or condensing), a boiler is located under it. The design, in this case, rests on the floor, and not on the wall. In terms of dimensions, such equipment is comparable to a two-chamber refrigerator. Due to the floor installation and dimensions, the boiler capacity in such boilers is slightly increased, compared to their wall-mounted classmates and is 80 liters. An example of such equipment is Luna 3 (Comfort) Combi boilers from the company Baxi.

What to choose?

In the market, the segment of boilers with a built-in boiler does not shine with a variety of models. Still, the niche is quite specific. Nevertheless, even here there is a choice. Among manufacturers, similar models offer their users: Viessmann, BAXI, Vaillant, ACV. The choice is quite worthy.

And we remind you that you can get advice on the selection of equipment and ask questions about the topic of the article and not only you can in the customer service department of the company HOGARTH

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