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Credit where credit is due

Along with all the amazing possibilities inherent in the world wide web, come new responsibilities and issues. The ease with which expressions and resources can now be shared must be matched by diligence in the recognition and support of those who created them in the first place.

To God be the glory

In the context of a website celebrating worship, this should be an easy and natural attitude. When the focus is on God and the worth ascribed to Him throughout ages and places, then we ourselves give God more glory by attributing songs and images and words to many, rather than to no one in particular or, by implication, ourselves. Worshipping 'anew' - the act of adding our hands and voices to those of others - compounds the worship accrued to God.

At the very least, each item or group of items should be accompanied by basic information about the items and their creator. This will typically be shown on the right side panel in a box as shown below, and will include, where applicable, the following:

  • Artist/Composer/Author: The name of the work's creator.
  • Church: The church fellowship (if any) for which the work was originally created.
  • Year: The year of the work's creation.
  • Medium: The materials with which the work is constructed.
  • Size: The size of the work.

Creative Commons websiteThe Creative Commons or Copyright symbol that follows (see right sidebar for more information) is linked to details of the license and is preceded by the name that the work should be attributed to.

In addition to such basic information, this website strives, as much as possible, to annotate items with more detailed descriptions.

Notes from the creator of the work will be shown in a box as shown below, and could include any of the following:

  • Inspiration for the work.
  • Influences on the style of the work.
  • Description of the setting for which the work was intended.
  • Techniques and materials used in constructing the work.

Notes from others, beside the creator, will be shown in a box as shown below, and could include any of the following:

  • Biographical information about the creator.
  • Observations about the work's reception.

WorshipaNew.net presents work by a wide variety of artists and artisans. It strives to honour their creativity, while enabling and encouraging distribution as permitted.

Look for information about the work in the right panel of every presenting page. Details and formatting of this information is described below on this page's center panel.

Please help to fill in the blanks and add details about your own works, or those that you know about. You can comment directly on the display page.

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