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DIY desktop drilling machine: diagrams and drawings

It is not necessary to spend money on a tabletop drilling machine because it is not so difficult to make it yourself. To do this, you will need to purchase, manufacture, or use used parts. We will tell you about creating several structures, and you can choose your model for assembly. Choose a small drill press here.

Almost every owner who builds or renovates his house or apartment, repairs household, and garden equipment and various crafts made of metal and wood has a drill. But for some operations, a drill is not enough: you need special accuracy, you need to drill a hole at right angles in a thick board, or you just want to make your work easier. This will require a machine that can be made on the basis of various drives, machine parts or household appliances, and other available material.

The type of drive is a fundamental difference in the designs of homemade drilling machines. Some of them are made using a drill, mostly electric, others using motors, most often from unnecessary household appliances.

Bench Drill Machine

The most common design can be considered a machine made of a manual or electric drill, which can be detachable so that it can be used outside the machine, and stationary. In the latter case, the switching device can be transferred to the bed for greater convenience.

The main elements of the machine

The main elements of the machine are:

  • drill;
  • base;
  • rack;
  • drill mount;
  • feed mechanism.

The base or frame can be made from a solid saw cut of hardwood, furniture board, or chipboard. Some people prefer a metal plate, channel, or Tavr as a base. The bed must be solid to provide structural stability and to absorb vibration when drilling for accurate and accurate holes. The size of the bed made of wood is not less than 600x600x30 mm, of steel sheet – 500x500x15 mm. For added stability, the base can be made with eyelets or bolt holes and fixed to a workbench.

The stand can be made of timber, round or square in cross-section of a steel pipe. Some craftsmen use the frame of an old photographic enlarger, a substandard school microscope, and other parts with a suitable configuration, strength, and weight as a base and stand.

The drill is mounted using clamps or brackets with a hole in the center. The bracket is more reliable and gives more precision when drilling.

Design features of the drill feeder

The feed mechanism is needed to move the drill vertically along the rack and can be:

  • spring;
  • articulated;
  • screw jack type construction.

Depending on the type of mechanism adopted, the type and structure of the rack will also differ.

The drawings and photos show the main designs of bench-top drilling machines that can be made from an electric and hand drill.

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