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Electric storage water heaters: a smart solution to the annual problem

The problems of the planned shutdown of hot water in apartments and its absence in country houses are familiar to everyone. It is uncomfortable, time-consuming, make you nervous and can even lead to unpleasant health consequences.

Innovative solutions to the urgent problem are offered by the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment: Electrolux, Ballu, Zanussi. A new generation of storage heaters with a stainless steel tank is not only effective heating of water but also a new word in the management of this process.

Accumulative water heaters of Electrolux of the Centurio IQ 2.0 series

In addition to new convenient functions – remote control via Wi-Fi, anti-freeze function, professional antibacterial water treatment system Bacteria Stop Technology – storage water heaters Centurio IQ 2.0 Electrolux offers many other benefits. And first of all, it is worth mentioning, of course, the system of “dry” heating elements X-Heat. This is a unique technology in which the heating elements (heating elements) do not come in contact with water – they are placed in a protective capsule, therefore, the scale does not form on them. This technology helps to significantly increase the working life of the device as a whole, and in case of failure of the heating element, it can be replaced without draining the water in just a few minutes. The Centurio IQ 2.0 tank is made of high-quality stainless steel with a high content of anti-corrosion alloying elements of chromium and nickel (INOX + Technology).

Particular attention should be paid to a removable Wi-Fi module (purchased separately), which allows you to control the water heater through the special Home Comfort application for digital devices literally from anywhere where there is Internet access. Such a function creates additional comfort because you can turn on the water heater just at the time when you plan to use hot water, whether you are at home, at work, on the road – anywhere. In addition, control through the application and the timer help significantly (up to 55%) to save energy costs.

The series provides four options for tank volume: 30, 50, 80 and 100 liters. The flat body of the water heater is made of reliable steel, it is compact, universal installation – you can install the device horizontally or vertically – allow you to integrate it into a modern interior. The design is made in two colors to choose from white and silver.

Centurio IQ 2.0 manufactured in Russia, on modern, fully automated production lines. Welding of the tank seams is carried out without the participation of manual labor, which eliminates errors due to the human factor, the seams are tight, and this is one of the indicators of quality and high reliability of the device. The warranty on the tank is 8 years.

Ballu series SMART WiFi storage water heaters

The presence of a storage water heater in the house is convenient in itself, and even if this device has all the advantages of modern technology, then you are provided with absolute comfort in its use. So brand Ballu suggests adding a removable Wi-Fi module (purchased separately) to the SMART WiFi series water heater and controlling it via the Internet from anywhere in the world. It is enough to install the Ballu Home application on any IOS or Android-based digital device and you can leave your work and turn on the water heater through the application, set the desired mode, temperature and a full tank of hot water will be waiting for you upon returning home. The range of SMART WiFi water heaters is represented by 2 kW devices with an internal tank capacity of 30 to 100 liters. To heat 30 liters to a maximum temperature of 75 ° C, the device will need 72 minutes, the same result, but with a tank of 100 liters, the water heater will reach 228 minutes. Knowing this, it’s easy to calculate the time, remotely turn on SMART WiFi and secure a hot shower – just in time! Also in the line are tanks of medium capacity: 50 and 80 liters. Regardless of the displacement, the tank can be installed vertically or horizontally – you decide.

Owners of country houses will enjoy another nice addition: SMART WiFi series water heaters are equipped with the CLEAN WATER sanitary heat treatment mode. Here’s how it works: the device heats the water to 70 ° C, at this temperature microbes die, resulting from a long non-use of the device. By activating CLEAN WATER through the application, you can use clean and fresh water even after a long absence in the house.

Industrial concern Ballu provided the SMART WiFi series water heaters not only with useful functions but also with the excellent quality of the devices themselves. The longevity of operation of the inner tank is ensured by a fully automated welding line of the latest generation with six-step weld quality control and a laboratory test for 160,000 heating cycles. For maximum safety, SMART WiFi water heaters are equipped with protection against overheating in excess of overpressure, dry heat and electric shock (RCD). Confirmation of the absolute reliability of the SMART WiFi water heater is a premium warranty of 8 years. Forget the troubles, enjoy the hot water.

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