How to make a dream bathroom? Repair tips

How to choose the mixer for the sink?

Today, the plumbing market has a huge number of models of faucets for every taste, all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes and with different functionality. Among this variety, with the right approach, you will definitely find the perfect solution for your bathroom, suitable for all characteristics that meet your needs and style of the room. Of course, first of all, the mixer must be of high quality. This condition will save not only your money, time and nerves but also health. For the production of good European faucets, brass and a special ABS plastic are used for contact with drinking water. For example, Oras faucets(Finland) are cast from the highest quality brass – MS 63, regardless of the price category of a particular product. This alloy is durable, resistant to corrosion and leaching of zinc, which means it does not affect the quality of water. Oras plants are located in Finland. Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland. In the manufacture of all mixers, only European-made components are used.

Be sure to take into account not only the design and shape but also the specific technical dimensions of the mixer, spout discharge, dimensions and sink depth. For the sink, there are models with a high base for mounting on the countertop. At the same time, check that the spout itself is of sufficient length or its aerator is angled so that the stream of water does not fall on the edge of the sink. In this case, washing your hands will be uncomfortable.

For fans of embedded solutions, there are wall-mounted models with single-lever or double-lever control. But in this case, it is necessary to take care of the conclusions for water in advance, before starting the repair. The choice of such a model must be approached with particular care, since replacing the built-in faucet for any reason in an already equipped bathroom is not an example of more time-consuming compared to a conventional traditional mixer.

Particular attention should be paid to functionality. Beyond traditional sink faucets in a wide assortment of oras, You can find faucets with a thermostat that maintains the water temperature at a constant level and there is no need to set it again each time. With pressure drops in the system, a special thermostatic cartridge instantly responds to temperature changes and protects you from unpleasant surprises.

Solutions for sinks with an exhaust or swivel spout, or a hygienic shower increase the radius of water efficiency and make it even more pleasant and convenient. Especially if the bathroom is combined. And the faucets from the Oras Signa and Oras Optima collections, moreover, can be equipped with smart hygienic smart showers with remote control. In this case, you do not need to open the mixer to use a hygienic shower, so that the shower can be installed far enough from the sink. This is very true if the bathroom is large.

There are also faucets with a special smart button for remote on / off in case, for example, a child cannot reach the handle of the mixer and independently turn on or adjust the water temperature. Such models with simultaneously two control options are in the collection of “smart” Oras Optima sink mixers. They are additionally equipped with a thermostatic unit, which delivers pre-mixed water of the desired temperature when switched on remotely. Also, any washbasin faucet can be complemented by an Oras automatic smart valve for the washing machine. He will independently shut off the water after 3 or 12 hours when the wash is finished, and the hose of the washing machine will not remain under pressure.

For homes with small children or older people, great contactless faucets for sinks. In recent years, such solutions have become increasingly popular in Scandinavian countries. Today, many design options – from concise Scandinavian to unusual extravagant – allows you to choose a model for any interior and sensor mixers that are increasingly installed not only in public places but also in private houses and apartments. They are very convenient and easy to use and save water. To turn the mixer on or off, you do not need to touch it. An accurate sensor instantly responds to a hand show and opens up a stream of water. This raises hygiene to a higher level and helps to keep the bathroom clean. Traces of water droplets from wet hands do not spoil the mirror chrome surface.

When buying a contactless mixer, you need to choose between its connection options: mains operation or battery power. In the first case, a socket should be connected nearby. For use at home, it is more advisable to purchase a battery-powered mixer. With standard operating intensity, they will have to be changed only once every three to five years. Oras has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of beautiful and reliable contactless faucets and is a leader in this field.

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