How to make a dream bathroom? Repair tips

Lifefakes: perfect repair

So, Top 20 life hacks for repair:

  1. If you have a child who loves to wallow in the mud or a dog who loves the same thing – DO NOT DO LIGHT PAPER WALLPAPERS in the hallway, since literally six months later my-not mine, they will acquire a gray tint, just according to the height of the dog or child ( they come, attach to the wall).
  2. Save up on the bathroom door! Do not buy a door made of pressed wood fiber (or even worse cardboard), over time, the door may swell below the moisture.
  3. Repair start by distributing the outlets around the room. Separate work may be required to breed the wiring in the room, bathroom, kitchen, but it’s worth it.
  4. Think in advance whether you will have a sliding wardrobe, whether the TV will hang on the wall, where the router will stand, where the home telephone will be (if you have one) in order to bring all the wires to these places, hide them under the baseboard or ideally in the wall. Especially the antennas so that the wires do not stick out from the TV to the outlet.
  5. If you’re not super cleanliness (as well as if you don’t have any pets, and guests are rare and as clean as you are, etc.), then I advise you everywhere (both in the hallway and in the kitchen to lay tiles on the floor (or as the girls advised in the next topic – porcelain tile), and to make the grout dark. All these liquids, which are added to light grouts, so that they do not absorb moisture and dirt, are in fact garbage.
  6. Start the repair by replacing the plastic windows, most often the most dust from them.
  7. If you make repairs only in one room, bathroom or kitchen, then try to find workers who will be willing to cut the tiles, for example, in the stairwell (of course, first warn the neighbors that you will wash the doors for them) or on the street.
  8. Do not make a false panel on the back wall in the kitchen, it launders much worse than tiles and absorbs dirt more.
  9. When calculating the wardrobe or kitchen, draw a drawing in advance of the house, remembering what things you would like to put in these cabinets.
  10. Do not place anything heavy on the upper shelves.
  11. For a toilet, buy a toilet with two drain modes, and even better with a bidet function.
  12. If an old bathtub suit you in size, then you can not buy a new one, but use the service – an acrylic liner. I have not tried it myself, but acquaintances say – everything is clean and fast. True, there are also a lot of minuses, but about them than in another topic.
  13. If noise from neighbors annoys you (or maybe they constantly come to you with a claim that you are making noise), then consider the option of installing sound insulation in advance.
  14. Do not make shelves over the stove. The film from the shelves very quickly move away from heat and steam.
  15. Light switches are more convenient to do at hand level, so as not to raise them. (very lazy: D).
  16. Pick up all the materials in advance so that the workers do not sit idle and then do not demand money for the fact that they lost a day because they did not deliver the materials.
  17. After wallpapering, you cannot open windows for a day. (We ordered the delivery and assembly of the bed just after the workers glued the wallpaper. One-room apartment, we, 2 workers, 2 assemblers, it was hell …)
  18. It was necessary to add to point 6 – there about the windows and the same about the air conditioning, if you decided to install it, it is also better to do it on the “bare” walls after replacing the windows. After, because when replacing the windows there will also be dust, and if the condition is already installed, then the filter can “blow-off” this dust.
  19. Do not place the refrigerator near a stove or near a window. “Where to put it then?” – you ask, I also have nowhere to put it near the window, now it is responding to a change in temperature outside.
  20. Make the length of the cornice from wall to wall. Even if your window, like mine, doesn’t reach the wall by 80 cm, I really regretted that I did not finish the ledge to the end of the wall, and now the curtain is hanging, making the window heavier and the light “eats”. Extending the length of the stick has not harmed anyone.

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