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Modern sewage pumps: benefits for designers, installers and consumers

Long gone are the days when the bathroom was perceived only as a technical room. Today, the bathroom is the place where design refinements are combined with technical innovations that provide the convenience of operating plumbing for the user. But the traditional sewage system imposes a number of restrictions on the arrangement, location and functionality of the toilet room, kitchen, shower area, and laundry. It is possible to level the disadvantages of the gravitational sewer system when water moves by gravity through pipes if you install a sewer pump. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the optimal pump model for sewage.


  • What is a sewage pump for?
  • What can be connected to this equipment
  • How to choose a sewage pump
  • The advantages of modern models
  • Where to buy a sewage pump

Scope of the sewer pump

We have already said that sewage pumps greatly simplify the installation of plumbing equipment where the customer needs it. Consider the following situations:

  • The owner of the apartment wants to make repairs or remodel a bathroom, toilet or kitchen.
  • The owner of the country house plans to equip a laundry room, a sauna in the basement or build an additional point with a bathroom in the garage (“wet areas” should look beautiful and harmoniously fit into the design of existing rooms).

If the basement is being reconstructed, then connecting the washing machine and dishwasher, washbasin, toilet bowl, bidet, shower cubicle to the gravity-type sewers, having withstood the necessary pipe angles, will not work, because the equipment is below the level of the central highway.

If we are talking about rooms located above the level of runoff, then their redevelopment is not always rational due to the remoteness or inability to direct by gravity to the central riser, the so-called black and gray drains. Exit? It is necessary to create additional pressure, i.e. use a sewage pump.

The question is, what is a sewage pump? We will answer it on the example of equipment of a Danish company Grundfos who developed the innovative series of sewage pumps SOLOLIFT 2, which includes 5 models, including pump models WC -1, WC -3, CWC -3 with a cutting mechanism for grinding solid waste.

What equipment can be connected to the Grundfos sewage pump

The pump for pumping sewage, as well as domestic wastewater, is a compact product, completely ready for installation and further operation. The scope of the equipment is the arrangement of rooms for the adoption of water procedures, laundries, toilet rooms and kitchens anywhere in the apartment or country house where it is impossible to make a gravity drain.

The SOLOLIFT 2 sewage pump, depending on its modification, can be connected:

  • a bath;
  • shower stall;
  • a sink;
  • toilet bowl, bidet, urinals, including hanging models;
  • dishwasher and washing machine.

To simplify the selection of the Grundfos sewage pump, we offer the following scheme.

As you can see, in the SOLOLIFT 2 series there are three pumps for the removal of fecal wastewater ( WC -1, WC -3, CWC -3) and two models without a cutting mechanism (C-3 and D -2), which are designed to connect to kitchen sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, and showers. The number after the letters indicates the number of additional devices to be connected in models with WC / CWC cutting mechanisms, and in models C -3 and D -2, the total number of connections.

Important! Pumps are designed for pumping liquids with a temperature not exceeding + 50 ° С. Model C-3 operation allows co effluent with a temperature of 75 ° C and short-term work, no more than half an hour, to the drains of the temperature + 90 ° C.

How to choose a sewage pump

For clarity, we present a table with which you can choose the Grundfos sewer pump.

To select the desired one from the five presented models, determine the purpose of the installation. For example, if you equip a bathroom with a toilet, then the WC or CWC version will suit you (depending on the type of toilet). If you need to put a sink in the kitchen with a washing machine, model C-3 is suitable, if you need to equip a shower in the country – model D -2.

Now consider the technical characteristics of the SOLOLIFT2 series units.

Important! Before you buy a sewage pump, pay attention to the following characteristics from the table above:

  • maximum feed;
  • maximum pressure;
  • power consumption;
  • a number of possible drain connections to be connected.

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