Nu Zijt Wellekome

Composer: Old Dutch Christmas Carol
Lyricist: Translated from the Dutch by Bert Witvoet, 2010

1. Welcome, dear Lord Jesus, radiant Morning Star,
You've come from highest heaven, from very far.
You are very welcome now to join us  on this  plain;
Though on earth below you have not been seen again.

2. Sing to Christ a praise song, sing it joyfully,
So that with humble spirit you are set free!
Born this holy night a child below the stars that beam,
Unto a young maiden we hold in high esteem.

3. Shepherds in the meadows heard a melody,
That Jesus Christ was born  they could not foresee.
Go into the streets of town and find him straight a way,
Bethlem is the city where this took place today.

4. From the East three wise men, came from distant land,
They looked for Christ the Savior with gifts in hand.
Humbly they presented him with incense, myrrh and gold.
Honouring the child king the natal star foretold.

Welcome, dear Lord Jesus

Bert Witvoet
'Johannes de Heer'
Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share alike
This well known Dutch Christmas carol has its origins in the 15th century. The text shown here is a translation of a Protestant adaptation of the older Roman Catholic text. It belonged to a class of songs that were sung at home, but not in church. The harmonization here is from the popular song book 'Johannes de Heer'.

This new versification was first used during Advent, 2010 at Jubilee Fellowship. Bert Witvoet's home church.

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