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Psalm 25

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Genevan Psalm 25 arrangement by The Psalm Project

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Psalm 25
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Psalm 25

LORD, to You My Soul Is Lifted

LORD, to you my soul is lifted.
Let me never be ashamed.
Look at me in your forgiveness
for the honor of your name.
Guard my soul and rescue me;
on your path I humbly follow.
Save me from my enemies;
see me, feel my pain and sorrow.

Turn to me in grace and mercy
as I suffer all alone.
Take away my sin and sadness,
all the trouble I have known.
You alone are fair and just;
you will honor and protect me.
In your goodness I will trust.
On your people, LORD, have mercy.

Words: Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts, 2010, after Stanley Wiersma in the Psalter Hymnal 1987.
Music: Eelco Vos, based on the tune for Psalm 25 in the Genevan Psalter, 1551.
© 2010, The Psalm Project


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