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Psalm 72

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Genevan Psalm 72 arrangement by The Psalm Project, sung at the Calvin Worship Symposium, January, 2011

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Psalm 72
The Genevan Psalter Resource Center

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recorded/compiled by Michael Owens

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Psalm 72

Prayer for the King

O God, give to the king your justice,
his son your righteousness.
You are the God in whom our trust is;
your hand alone can bless.
May he, the royal son, be reigning
with judgments true and sure,
to all your people right ordaining,
your justice to the poor.

May for the people hill and mountain
bring forth the peace they seek,
and justice flowing like a fountain,
restore the faint and weak.
May he defend the poor and needy;
may he their children save,
and crush oppressors, proud and greedy;
lift up the ransomed slave.

Long may he live and rule the nations.
May peace on earth be found,
and blessings for all generations
and righteousness abound.
May in the cities people flower
like hillsides in the spring.
May all the earth acclaim his power
and of his glory sing.

May people join in celebration
and tell of his deeds again.
Let all the earth and all creation
sing praises to God. Amen!

Words: Psalm 72; vers. Wolter van der Kamp, 1972, rev.
© 2009, Standing Committee for the Publication of the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches.
Music: Eeclo Vos, based on the tune for Psalm 72 in the Genevan Psalter, 1543.
© 2010 The Psalm Project


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