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Overview of the Grohe watering can. Is it worth it to splurge again?

Any, even very good, the thing may break sooner or later, to say nothing of low-quality products, which turned out to be our hand shower in the bathroom. Without serving even a couple of years, he simply broke down without hope of repair. It was decided to search for a replacement among well-known companies.

In one of the stores, I really liked the watering can of the German company Grohe from the Power & Soul series. In general, I liked the little thing, I decided to take it. I chose a classic style watering can with a disc diameter of 130 mm (in this series, the watering cans have different shapes, diameters, and colors).

Replacing the old watering can with a new one was not worth much effort, because this is not a replacement for the whole mixer. I unscrewed the old one from the hose, screwed a new one – and that’s all, use it. And no tool is needed, everything is done by hand.

What do we have:

Nothing is included in the kit for this model, in a simple box you will find, in fact, the watering can itself and the care instructions. True, it should be noted that there is an option with a travel cover on sale, but for this 500 rubles are added to the price. I can’t imagine anyone who needs to carry a watering can for a shower with them on business trips, but anything can happen.

The color scheme of these sprayers is different, but the watering can body is always the same – it has a chrome coating. I purchased a watering can in classic gray.


Type – hand shower

Model – Power & Soul 130 (article 27672)

Diameter – 130 mm

Number of modes – four

The shower I purchased contains 4 types of jet switching – these are Rain O2, Rain, Bokoma Spray, and Jet. Their change is carried out by pressing the corresponding button on the outside of the product.

I can’t say anything about the internal structure: there’s no need to climb there, and if I really wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to do it – it’s not collapsible.

The only thing that can be noted is that in the part of the shower where it is attached to the hose, a fine mesh is installed, which is very reasonable: grains of sand and other dirt will not get into the device itself, you only need to periodically unscrew the hose and clean this small filter.

Now let’s talk about what we liked in this model and whatnot.

Impressions of use

First of all, we note: the watering can be turned out to be easy and comfortable for the hand. Of course, she is beautiful, perfectly fits into the design of the bathroom.

The spraying of the jets of the main Rain mode is just what you need, the golden mean: uniform and with good pressure. This is enough to rinse hair of any length (with an old watering can it took much more time). But the bathroom must have a curtain or partition to protect against splashes because the spraying is wide enough.

I consider the diameter of the watering can and, accordingly, the width of the spraying to be optimal.

The second Rain O2 mode was less impressive. It is rain in which air is mixed. As a result, the jet turns out to be weaker and you can’t call it airy, and this mode is certainly not suitable for washing your hair. Let’s just say: nothing special.

The third – Bokoma Spray and the fourth Jet – are pretty assertive. You can wash the bath itself with such a jet, but at the same time splashes fly very much.

During the year of use, not a single nozzle clogged and special cleaning was not required.

What did not like

Closer to the second year of use, problems began, which manifested themselves in the form of the sinking of the mode keys. First, one mode, then the second stopped switching due to a complete indentation of the buttons. I had to contact a service center because the product warranty is for two years.

They exchanged it for us with a new one without any problems and recommended using a jet change more often. With a rare switching of the nozzle of the watering can, the internal mechanisms are clogged with lime deposits, which leads to such troubles as we had. Although there were no external signs of liming, the nozzles were clean.

Although everything was resolved safely, an unpleasant aftertaste remained. It turns out that after 2-3 years of use you can forget about this watering can, because they can not be repaired. It is good if the switch stays in the main mode.

The disadvantages include the too high cost of the product. Now its price in plumbing stores reaches 6000-6500 rubles, which is comparable to buying a whole shower headset, for example, the Euphoria series of the same company, however, it is equipped with a smaller shower.

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