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Practicality and aesthetics: choose ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles

How to make the house comfortable, modern and at the same time – practical? Ceramic tiles and porcelain – Universal Material s d To finish. They are durable, easy to clean, and the choice of textures and colors allows you to implement any design decisions. Production technology Alma Ceramica today they are so perfect that tiles replace wood, stone, and even carpet!

One two Three!

There are three types of ceramic coatings: tiles, floor tiles, and porcelain tiles.

How do they differ from each other?

Ceramic tile – a material for the interior decoration of the walls. This is a great solution for areas with high humidity – bathrooms, kitchens. It is easy to keep clean and can last for decades.

Basic models of tiles cost from 550 rubles per square meter.

If you want to save money, take a base (for example, white) and add bright accents from the collections – such an interior will look fresh and stylish, and you will spend a little.

Floor tiles are suitable for creating a beautiful floor in the house or on the outdoor terrace in the country – there are many possibilities for application. The main thing, when choosing, pay attention to the degree of abrasion – from 1 (the softest) to 4 (the most durable). For example, for a corridor, it is better to choose the strength of 2 degrees and so that you can safely walk in shoes, and 1 degree will be enough in the rooms.

The main trend is to use floor tiles for wall decoration. Imitation of natural materials – wood and stone – is at the peak of relevance today. In addition, it is convenient: the boundaries of the use of floor tiles are erased because It has universal specifications.

But laying wall tiles on the floor is not worth it – it is not designed for such loads.

At a cost of floor tiles on as well as facing – from 7 to 50 to 2500 m2.

Ekaterina Grishkina, expert Alma ceramica:

– Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are distillation and non-distillation. Rectification is a machine for trimming edges. During firing, the edges of the products are slightly deformed, and the size of the tiles may vary slightly – within 3-5 mm. If the tile has passed rectification, its dimensions have a perfectly even edge, making it easy to lay seamlessly.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain stoneware is a leader among coatings in terms of strength and resistance to water.

It is used in places with high traffic and high humidity. Suitable for floors, walls and building facades.

For the manufacture of porcelain stoneware, various additives are added to the clay and burned for a long time – they get rid of pores that absorb moisture. The resulting powder is pressed at high pressure and fired again at a temperature of 1200 C. This makes porcelain stoneware extremely resistant to any load.

Porcelain textures and colors today are many, for any tasks. The price of the material varies from 400 to 5000 rubles per m2.

And if you want a holiday?

“Tile with decorative elements is the soul of any collection. Raw materials for her Large NY from Italy and Spain, for the manufacture of gold and platinum using patterns, are precious materials”, – said Catherine Grishkina expert Alma ceramica.

Choosing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, considering all the necessary criteria: durability, water resistance, durability, and functionality. But do not forget the main thing – the tile should please you, and you can find designer collections for every taste at Alma ceramica.

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