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WorshipaNew.net is an eclectic collection of Christian worship expressions. It is open to submissions from Christians of all persuasions and from all places.

Have a look: The list on this page includes samples of art and music and writing that may be inspiring or useful to you. And it may prompt you to submit works of your own or from your church. This list is still at its very beginning.

Tree View: Look at our worship as a tree with many branches. Three main branches - Visuals, Music, Words - break out into a multitude of images and songs and words for the church, only a few of which can be shown here. Another branch carries us into our everyday life-with-style. Follow these branches to web pages that feature a variety of worship expressions.

Navigation notes
for this website

Framework: As with any expanding and diverse collection, the organization of this website is one of its primary challenges. The full extent of resources and examples that will eventually be presented here is unknown, so its framework has to be (wishfully) surmised and then left somewhat bare in places pending opportunities to gather up content.

The long-term ideal is to have all items and categories logically contained by a database so that the whole works can be easily searched, cross-referenced and presented in ways that are in tune with the special interests of the site's visitors.

List: For now, a somewhat laboriously maintained list must suffice. This list is presented here as a Tree View, a commonly used graphical user interface that presents a hierarchical view of information. As in the ubiquitous file explorers, these tree views can be collapsed to show the overview, and expanded to drill down to the details.

There are still many dead-ends in this tree, so any user wishing just to sample content should Expand All and look for those branch tips that glow golden from linking to actual web pages.

There are also Tree Views for each of the four main categories of worship expressions: Music, Words, Visuals and Life-style. These trees are set to collapse branches as they go out of focus, so if an overview is needed the user should return to this Sitemap.


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