Heather Wind-Mulder
Margaret Dijkhuis
London, First CRC
Year: 2008
This tree banner accompanied a sermon series called "I Belong," in the fall of 2008 (starting with the Heidelburg Catechism, question and answer #1). We wanted to have a banner where the congregation could participate, as we all belong to the church and God's family. We made the free standing tree trunk from plywood, then hung the first green panel behind. As people came into church, we gave them fabric leaves to write on. They could write their name, or something that struck them about the service. The leaves were collected as people left the sanctuary, and this was done each week. In between Sundays, we stuck the leaves to the green panel, and then added green panels as our tree grew the following weeks. We had good participation from the congregation, and people would come up after the service and try to find their leaf. -- HWM



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