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Wiring of heating and water supply in the apartment Part 2

The main units of housing on the input of hot water and cold water

So, above we described the basic layout of water distribution in the apartment. Which system should I prefer? It depends on the operating conditions and the needs of the property owner. Practice shows that an increasing number of people choose the collector wiring or combine two schemes. Why? Judge for yourself, in a modern apartment set:

  • bath or shower with rain shower;
  • heated towel rail;
  • taps for sinks and washbasins, in the bath and in the kitchen;
  • toilet bowl;
  • bidet or hygienic shower;
  • washing machine;
  • a dishwasher;
  • instantaneous water heater;
  • filters for water purification;
  • floor convectors and radiators.

The list is incomplete, but the essence is clear. To connect so much equipment, collectors are required. Therefore, a typical unit for entering hot water and cold water into an apartment consists of the following elements.


  1. Shut-off valve on the connection to the riser. It is necessary to disconnect and connect the consumer to the common pipes of hot and cold water supply.
  2. Automatic shut-off valve for leakage protection. Aquastorozh. It is necessary for an automatic shutoff of water if the system detects a leak in the apartment. This will avoid the flooding of neighbors, subsequent costly repairs and cash costs for the payment of compensation.
  3. Coarse filter. Protects plumbing from large debris – scale and other large particles.
  4. Water flow meter.
  5. Check valve.
  6. Fine filter. Protects plumbing from clogging with small debris – fine sand, rust, etc.
  7. Pressure reducer. It provides stable pressure in the water supply system of the apartment, regardless of its jumps in the overall system.
  8. Water shock compensator. It is put on the hot water and cold water collectors. Extends the life of devices such as washing machines, dishwashers, and faucets.
  9. Instantaneous water heater. It is mounted so that the residents of the apartment are not dependent on centralized hot water supply during the summer shutdown of hot water.

What pipes to choose for apartment heating and water supply?

Usually, this question is answered by inertia – of course, pipes made of polypropylene. This material has long been known. Well established among installers. Polypropylene pipes of different diameters are widely represented on the market and have an affordable price.

Despite the indisputable advantages, polypropylene has several disadvantages:

  • The need for protection from solar radiation.
  • High coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • The material is not elastic.
  • The difficulty of installation in hard-to-reach places.

The last three points are especially important when laying hot water and cold water lines in an apartment. Polypropylene is not recommended to be laid in the strobes in the walls or in the floor screed. Because the material expands greatly when heated, it is necessary to provide compensators for thermal expansion. If this is not done, the pipe may collapse due to cyclic loads.

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