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Wiring of heating and water supply in the apartment

Have you bought an apartment in a new building without finishing it? Thinking of replacing plumbing, radiators, and water and heat supply pipes in an old dwelling? Then you can not do it without repair! Difficulties in choosing paint, wallpaper, tile, flooring go by the wayside when it comes to arranging input and proper wiring of heating and water supply in an apartment. This article will help you avoid confusion and simplify your choice, where we will answer the following questions.


  • How to part cold and hot water in an apartment
  • The main components and equipment for the apartment input of hot water and cold water
  • How to choose pipes for the installation of heating and water supply in the apartment
  • To simplify and speed up the installation of hot water and cold water in the apartment
  • Where to buy high-quality pipes and engineering equipment for water and heat supply

Two ways to distribute hot water in the apartment

Apartments in a high-rise building are not a private house with their own boiler room, a well, and pumps. Common risers with hot and cold, passing through all floors, impose some restrictions on the choice of the method of distributing hot water and cold water in the apartment.

What are the goals of the ordinary owner of urban real estate, thinking of repairing utility networks? A person wants to supply modern equipment, to ensure comfort for himself and his family, and, at the same time, not go broke when buying materials and paying for the work of installers. How to proceed? Start with planning – first select a hot and cold water distribution layout.

  1. Serial or tee wiring diagram for hot water and cold water in the apartment. In this scheme, pipes extend to common risers with hot and cold water, to which, using tees, water consumption points are connected.


  • Simple device and installation.
  • The minimum amount of consumables.
  • Cheapness.


  • Dependence on series-connected equipment. For example, if several taps are turned on at the same time, a pressure drop will occur in the system and the pressure will decrease. The more plumbing in the apartment, the more noticeable this imbalance and, the less comfortable it is to use the equipment.
  • If the plumbing is broken, or there is a leak in the system, you will have to block the common riser to fix the malfunction.

It is recommended to install a tee water supply system in apartments of a small area with a small number of water consumers.

  1. Beam or collector wiring diagram. The peculiarity of the scheme is that each water consumer is connected in parallel and independently from each other through the collector assembly.


  • Stable pressure and pressure regardless of the number of simultaneously connected water consumers.
  • On individual branches, you can install additional equipment — ventilators, valves, filters, pressure regulators, and thereby increase the reliability and comfort of engineering systems in the apartment.
  • To troubleshoot and repair, it is not necessary to block the common riser, it is enough to turn off only one water consumer and use the rest freely.
  • On the basis of collectors, you can mount an aesthetic system of residential water supply with a large number of draw points.


  • The complexity of the system device.
  • For collector wiring, more pipes and equipment will be required than for tee.
  • High cost.

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